We offer a wide variety of different services to our customers, regardless of car brand:


Post-accident claims handling

Should there be an accident, the fastest and easiest method to fix your car is to call our number at +358 44 30 88 14, and our specialists will handle the accident from there.

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In the late 2010 we procured a TERMOMECCANICA GL paint chamber and we use PPG-car paints that provide the best result!

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Pre-repair calculations on based on WinCABAS

In our everyday work, we use the winCABAS program that is accepted by every insurance company. It allows us to make a detailed budget of a damaged car’s repairs.

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Undercarriage inspection and repairs

Our mechanics will determine the slighest of faults that might disrupt your quiet driving, be it worn out brake shoes or something else.

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Maintenance and repair jobs

We perform regular maintenance to any vehicle, regardless of your car’s brand or age.

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Air conditioner refill

Autoks Finland OY refills and maintains your vehicle’s conditioners quickly and cheaply!

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Oil change

To ensure vehicles’ long lifespan, oil must be changed regularly. Autoks Finland OY uses best oils to provide the best results in the most extreme conditions.

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Glass change

If a glass has broken on your vehicle, let us know. Regardless of whether it’s an insurance case or not, we’ll change your glass quickly and properly.

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Tires and tire hotel

When changing tires at the end of a season, we often find ourselves in a situation where we’ve no place to store our other wheels or tires. For such a case, Autoks Finland OY offers a cheap and easy way to store your tires in our tire hotel.

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Car diagnostics

Using BOSCH diagnostics equipment, we can diagnose electronics faults and error messages of most vehicles and fix them on the run.

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Exterior wash, cabin wash, waxing and polishing of cars and motorcycles

It’s recommended to thoroughly wash and wax your vehicle from time to time. By letting our professionals help you, you can be sure that your vehicle’s appearance will change drastically!

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Tow service

If you have an accident and cannot move with your vehicle, call for our tow car on +358 44 30 888 14 and we’ll get your vehicle into our workshop for repairs!

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Bodywork and stretching

If your vehicle has received serious damage in an accident, the body’s base details must be bent straight. For this we use the AUTOROBOT body stretching bench.

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Sales of spare parts and accessories

Sales of spare parts and accessories.

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Gearbox repair and maintenance

With complex modern systems, it’s very important to maintain your vehicle’s gearbox. We offer our help at repairing and maintaining gearboxes.

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Metal works and welding

Do you need a metal staircase or a handrail? Or maybe a new workdesk? Our learned metalworkers can craft just the kind of detail you need.

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Replacement car

New Hyundai i20!

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